Monthly Archives: October 2012

Can stress be a good thing?

Exhausted businessman holding a telephone tube

Stress is commonly seen as a bad thing and avoiding stress seems an obvious thing to do.  However should this always be the case?  Some people seem to thrive under certain amounts of stress.  Could we all learn to increase our performance when faced with pressure situations? Some research into stress in the workplace typically finds that if you plot performance against stress or pressure, you get an inverted U:  as stress increases initially job […]

Chimps and a little monkey business


Yes I know chimps are primates, not monkeys – read on. In the past a common view was that chimpanzees are lovely and friendly little creatures that enjoy having tea parties and drinking a particular brand of tea!  It was certainly assumed they were passive vegetarian creatures.  However, over the past fifty years much has been learnt about chimps and we now know them to be intelligent, complicated, ingenious and powerful individuals.  It was Swiss […]

One step at a time

Business man taking small steps

I met someone recently who’d done everything right in terms or setting a goal, making it a big goal to challenge himself and checking all the classic points of it being specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely; however he kept failing in his attempts to achieve the goal. The problem was not to do with the goal itself; it was how he was attempting to achieve it.  Setting big goals is good because it stretches […]

I don’t want to be negative, but …

Man receiving negative criticism

In this blog I want you to think about how you interact with other people; in particular how you interact with significant others at home or at work. I first want to look at the effect of negative comments and criticism.  You may have noticed you can say something negative to one person and they take it in the way it was intended, whilst saying the same thing to somebody else results in a negative […]