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You had more sweets – It’s not fair

Smarties in a sweet jar

I was aged five for the majority of 1966.  Many things happened in 1966: England beat Germany in the World Cup Final, Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali) defeated Henry Cooper in two title fights and Harold Wilson with the Labour party won the British General Election.  However none of that was significant to me as a five year old.  The following year when I was six, my enduring memory of 1966 was that I’d given […]

Having a positive attitude – Is it just wishful thinking?

Businessman with crossed fingers - wishful thinking

The idea that positive thinking is a good thing can sometimes get bad press.  Now I’d be the first to say that simply having a positive attitude will not solve all your problems.  It’s not a silver bullet; not a panacea.  We won’t solve all the world’s ills just through positive thinking.  However, is it beneficial?  Should we try to have a positive attitude? In the model of Emotional Intelligence I work with, Positive Mood […]

Curiosity killed the cat.

Cat in a suitcase

Or so the saying goes.  This may be good advice, albeit a bit late, for the poor cat in question.  However I don’t think it good advice for living you life and running your business. Emotionally intelligent leaders have the capacity to be aware of, understand and appreciate the feelings and thoughts of others.  They listen well and take into account other people’s feelings and circumstances before communicating their message or making a decision.  Curiosity […]

Do you look funny on a horse? It’s a leadership thing.

Household Cavalry soldier on horseback

“You can’t lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse” – John Peers – CEO Technology Inc. Self-reliant leaders recognise they are a complete and self-directed person and have the power and responsibility to choose between options and make decisions. Self-reliance is an important competence for a leader to have and for leadership, an important part of self-reliance is being comfortable inside with being a leader, accepting the responsibility of […]