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Is a manager the best person to be a mentor?

businessman with mentor/coach

The title above is a query someone posed me in a LinkedIn discussion, which was about an article entitled “Can a manager be a coach?”  This got me thinking generally about coaching and mentoring and who is the best person to provide these services. However, before answering the query, some definitions: what is the difference between coaching and mentoring?  Firstly neither is counselling or therapy.  Both coaching and mentoring are future focused interventions to help […]

Hire externally or internally promote?

Hire externally or internally promote?

When trying to find someone to fill a vacant senior leadership or management position, which is best?  Should you hire in someone from outside the organisation who has a good track record performing a similar role elsewhere or should you promote someone internally, someone who knows the organisation well already.  Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer; both have pros and cons. Hiring in someone new from outside has the advantage that you can try and get someone […]

Good Boss or Bad Boss?

Are you a good boss or a bad boss

Some people ask me how they can tell if a leader or a manager has high emotional intelligence or not.  My view is we all know already.  Let me explain. Do you consider yourself to be a good boss or a bad boss?  Or better still, if I asked your team if they considered you to be a good boss or a bad boss, what would they say?  Whether we are considered good or bad […]

Get the scalpel and cut it out

doctor surgeon with scalpel removing limiting beliefs

OK, I admit it – it’s a dramatic title for a blog; however it is descriptive of my current condition, because earlier this week I had a minor operation to remove a lipoma, a small fatty lump.  It necessitated a general anaesthetic, so I’ve spent a few days since taking it a bit easy.  Which led me to thinking … I wouldn’t have said the lipoma was causing me any anxiety or distress; however having had it removed I […]

Five more growing pains a company can avoid

businessman thinking about the growing pains of a company

In my last blog I outlined five growing pains a company can avoid; in this blog I cover five more people issues that occur when a company grows in size. When companies or departments grow in size, in terms of the number of people involved, it inevitably means changes to the way people behave and identify with the organisation.  Some people thrive on the change, whilst others find the transition really difficult. By recognising the […]