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Hire externally or internally promote?

Hire externally or internally promote?

When trying to find someone to fill a vacant senior leadership or management position, which is best?  Should you hire in someone from outside the organisation who has a good track record performing a similar role elsewhere or should you promote someone internally, someone who knows the organisation well already.  Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer; both have pros and cons. Hiring in someone new from outside has the advantage that you can try and get someone […]

Quick Wins – The race is on, but how quick should you be?

Businessman and businesswoman lined up getting ready for race in business

You got the promotion – it’s day 1 in your new role – the race has begun! Many will seek to find some quick wins to be seen to be doing something, to gain credibility and as a show of strength.  Quick wins are good; however take those early steps with care. Research by the Corporate Executive Board (2009) showed that although quick wins were a good indicator of a successful new-to-role leader, there were […]