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Which side of the bed did you get up on?

smashing alarm clock with hammer

Has anyone ever asked you this question?  This query is normally aimed at people who are behaving particularly grouchy on the day in question.  It can also sometimes be used by people trying to explaining away their own bad day – “I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and everything that could go wrong has.”  Now of course, which physical side of the bed you get out of isn’t actually going to […]

How are you today?

businessman stretches out hand

A seemingly innocuous question you may think.  One we ask each other all the time, simply as part of a greeting.  But what is your response when people ask you?  Imagine in your head now, we’ve just met face-to-face, perhaps shook hands and I say “How are you today?”  What do you say? I’ve been noting people’s responses to this question recently and in my very un-scientific poll the vast majority of people respond with […]

Leaning down the hill

Downhill skier leaning down steep slope

Back when I was a coder, writing software for a big systems house, one of my assignments took me to Switzerland for a year.  I’d originally learnt to ski by going on the odd school skiing trip; however living in Switzerland gave me lots of opportunity to improve. However my progress soon plateaued when I got to the black runs. Standing there on a steep slope looking down, my natural tendency was to lean back […]

Having a positive attitude – Is it just wishful thinking?

Businessman with crossed fingers - wishful thinking

The idea that positive thinking is a good thing can sometimes get bad press.  Now I’d be the first to say that simply having a positive attitude will not solve all your problems.  It’s not a silver bullet; not a panacea.  We won’t solve all the world’s ills just through positive thinking.  However, is it beneficial?  Should we try to have a positive attitude? In the model of Emotional Intelligence I work with, Positive Mood […]

What an awful day!

Sad woman looking through rainy window

Perhaps it’s a symptom of this time of year.  I’ve been hearing lots of people saying things like “It’s a grim day”, “What a grey day”, “It’s a sh%t&y day … again!”  You might think I’ve been talking to desperate people; people at the end of their luck, about to be put onto the streets, searching for their next meal.  But no, these are your everyday people – talking about the weather! They’re the kind of people that […]