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Good Boss or Bad Boss?

Are you a good boss or a bad boss

Some people ask me how they can tell if a leader or a manager has high emotional intelligence or not.  My view is we all know already.  Let me explain. Do you consider yourself to be a good boss or a bad boss?  Or better still, if I asked your team if they considered you to be a good boss or a bad boss, what would they say?  Whether we are considered good or bad […]

Get the scalpel and cut it out

doctor surgeon with scalpel removing limiting beliefs

OK, I admit it – it’s a dramatic title for a blog; however it is descriptive of my current condition, because earlier this week I had a minor operation to remove a lipoma, a small fatty lump.  It necessitated a general anaesthetic, so I’ve spent a few days since taking it a bit easy.  Which led me to thinking … I wouldn’t have said the lipoma was causing me any anxiety or distress; however having had it removed I […]

Do you look funny on a horse? It’s a leadership thing.

Household Cavalry soldier on horseback

“You can’t lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse” – John Peers – CEO Technology Inc. Self-reliant leaders recognise they are a complete and self-directed person and have the power and responsibility to choose between options and make decisions. Self-reliance is an important competence for a leader to have and for leadership, an important part of self-reliance is being comfortable inside with being a leader, accepting the responsibility of […]

New Year’s Resolutions are a waste of time

Man playing piano

OK, the title of this blog is purposely a bit provocative, but do I really mean New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time? Well in the vast majority of cases … Yes. Most people who set themselves resolutions at this time of year will frame them in a negative way.  It’ll be things like stop smoking, drink less, or give up eating cakes.  Like with any goal, phrasing the outcome in a negative way […]

Letting go of the baby

Baby being handed from one person to another

Owners of small to medium sized businesses often don’t have a clear idea of what will happen with the company when they eventually come to retire or simply want to pursue different interests.  Even when they do, they simply have trouble “letting go of the baby”. Will the company continue?  Is the company in a suitable state to be able to sell it or will it be the case of shutting the door and walking […]

One step at a time

Business man taking small steps

I met someone recently who’d done everything right in terms or setting a goal, making it a big goal to challenge himself and checking all the classic points of it being specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely; however he kept failing in his attempts to achieve the goal. The problem was not to do with the goal itself; it was how he was attempting to achieve it.  Setting big goals is good because it stretches […]

Are you listening? Then I’ll begin.


Listening skills are a key ability in any type of relationship. Do you always listen to other people, really listen, giving your full attention to what is being said, how it is being said and perhaps what is not being said? Think back to a recent conversation you had with someone.  As the person was speaking where you listening to what they said?  All of what they said?  Or, where you thinking of what to […]

Every behaviour has a positive intention

Mean woman dropping a banana skin with intent

This is the first in a series of blogs where I will look at an individual presupposition from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and present my view on it. NLP Presuppositions form the fundamental principles behind NLP.   They are not claimed to be true or universal; however if you presuppose them to be true and act as if they are, you can gain valuable insights into relationships and situations which you may otherwise have overlooked. So […]