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Is a manager the best person to be a mentor?

businessman with mentor/coach

The title above is a query someone posed me in a LinkedIn discussion, which was about an article entitled “Can a manager be a coach?”  This got me thinking generally about coaching and mentoring and who is the best person to provide these services. However, before answering the query, some definitions: what is the difference between coaching and mentoring?  Firstly neither is counselling or therapy.  Both coaching and mentoring are future focused interventions to help […]

Hire externally or internally promote?

Hire externally or internally promote?

When trying to find someone to fill a vacant senior leadership or management position, which is best?  Should you hire in someone from outside the organisation who has a good track record performing a similar role elsewhere or should you promote someone internally, someone who knows the organisation well already.  Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer; both have pros and cons. Hiring in someone new from outside has the advantage that you can try and get someone […]

Five more growing pains a company can avoid

businessman thinking about the growing pains of a company

In my last blog I outlined five growing pains a company can avoid; in this blog I cover five more people issues that occur when a company grows in size. When companies or departments grow in size, in terms of the number of people involved, it inevitably means changes to the way people behave and identify with the organisation.  Some people thrive on the change, whilst others find the transition really difficult. By recognising the […]

Five growing pains a company can avoid

businessman looking at growth curve

It appears here in the UK we’ve just avoided going into a triple dip recession.  Hopefully from here on we’ll see healthy growth.  I’m certainly beginning to hear of businesses that are beginning to thrive again which is great.  However when companies or departments grow in size, in terms of the number of people involved, it inevitably means change to the way people behave and identify with the organisation.  Some people thrive on the change, whilst others find […]

Are you socially intelligent about social media?

Are you socially intelligent about social media?

With my executive coaching clients I often develop aspects of their Emotional Intelligence (which some call social intelligence) to help improve their communication and relationship skills: self-awareness, so that when situations arise you are aware of your own feeling and emotions; self management, which allows you to pause in your reaction, assess the situation, consider your desired outcome and choose an appropriate response; social awareness, to detect and understand the reaction that your communication or […]

Curiosity killed the cat.

Cat in a suitcase

Or so the saying goes.  This may be good advice, albeit a bit late, for the poor cat in question.  However I don’t think it good advice for living you life and running your business. Emotionally intelligent leaders have the capacity to be aware of, understand and appreciate the feelings and thoughts of others.  They listen well and take into account other people’s feelings and circumstances before communicating their message or making a decision.  Curiosity […]

Letting go of the baby

Baby being handed from one person to another

Owners of small to medium sized businesses often don’t have a clear idea of what will happen with the company when they eventually come to retire or simply want to pursue different interests.  Even when they do, they simply have trouble “letting go of the baby”. Will the company continue?  Is the company in a suitable state to be able to sell it or will it be the case of shutting the door and walking […]

I don’t want to be negative, but …

Man receiving negative criticism

In this blog I want you to think about how you interact with other people; in particular how you interact with significant others at home or at work. I first want to look at the effect of negative comments and criticism.  You may have noticed you can say something negative to one person and they take it in the way it was intended, whilst saying the same thing to somebody else results in a negative […]

Are you listening? Then I’ll begin.


Listening skills are a key ability in any type of relationship. Do you always listen to other people, really listen, giving your full attention to what is being said, how it is being said and perhaps what is not being said? Think back to a recent conversation you had with someone.  As the person was speaking where you listening to what they said?  All of what they said?  Or, where you thinking of what to […]

Every behaviour has a positive intention

Mean woman dropping a banana skin with intent

This is the first in a series of blogs where I will look at an individual presupposition from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and present my view on it. NLP Presuppositions form the fundamental principles behind NLP.   They are not claimed to be true or universal; however if you presuppose them to be true and act as if they are, you can gain valuable insights into relationships and situations which you may otherwise have overlooked. So […]