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Live on air – Just what is Emotional Intelligence?

photo of radio microphone - live on air

Earlier this week I appeared on the Knowing Your Business Show on the radio and I thought it would be interesting to share the answers I gave on the programme.  The show interviews business people live on air, every Thursday from 10am to 12pm. The questions asked by the presenters, Ian and Darren, were things like: What is Emotional Intelligence? Is [intellectual] intelligence not enough? Is it for everyone?  Is it for businesses? Why can’t […]

Good Boss or Bad Boss?

Are you a good boss or a bad boss

Some people ask me how they can tell if a leader or a manager has high emotional intelligence or not.  My view is we all know already.  Let me explain. Do you consider yourself to be a good boss or a bad boss?  Or better still, if I asked your team if they considered you to be a good boss or a bad boss, what would they say?  Whether we are considered good or bad […]

Five ways to improve your Self Awareness

thoughtful business woman with self reflection

Self awareness is key to being able to develop your Emotional Intelligence.  Emotionally Intelligent leaders are aware of their emotional experience and know what they are feeling most of the time.  They have the capacity to recognise how their feelings and emotions impact on their personal opinions, attitudes and judgements. Here are five ways to develop your own self awareness: 1. Carry a physical reminder – Try wearing your watch on the opposite wrist or […]

All you have is now – miss it and it’s gone

Future Past & Present signpost in the sky

I was reading a blog post recently, “20 Habits of Happy People” and number ten on the list was “Live in the present”.  It reminded me of the journey I’ve been taking over the past six months or so in trying to do just that. Philosopher and neuroscientist, Sam Harris, in his talk entitled “Death and the Present Moment”, offers an interesting perspective on the present moment; he says: “It is always now.  However much you feel […]

Are you socially intelligent about social media?

Are you socially intelligent about social media?

With my executive coaching clients I often develop aspects of their Emotional Intelligence (which some call social intelligence) to help improve their communication and relationship skills: self-awareness, so that when situations arise you are aware of your own feeling and emotions; self management, which allows you to pause in your reaction, assess the situation, consider your desired outcome and choose an appropriate response; social awareness, to detect and understand the reaction that your communication or […]

Listen with your eyes

pay attention listen with your eyes beautiful woman

In his book “Have a Little Faith”, Mitch Albom includes the following story: “A little girl came home from school with a drawing she’d made in class.  She danced into the kitchen where her mother was preparing dinner. ‘Mom, guess what?’ she squeaked, waving the drawing. Her mother never looked up. ‘What?’ she said, tending to the pots. ‘Guess what?’ the child repeated, waving the drawing. ‘What?’ the mother said, tending to the plates. ‘Mom, […]

Do you make excellent mistakes?


Daniel Pink’s book “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko” is probably the most nonconformist book on career development I’ve come across.  Although it looks from the outside to be a normal paperback book, it’s actually in the form of a manga comic book and tells the story of Johnny Bunko, some magic chopsticks and Johnny’s quest to find a way out of his dead-end job.   Johnny ends up learning six important lessons about obtaining a satisfying and successful […]

Leaning down the hill

Downhill skier leaning down steep slope

Back when I was a coder, writing software for a big systems house, one of my assignments took me to Switzerland for a year.  I’d originally learnt to ski by going on the odd school skiing trip; however living in Switzerland gave me lots of opportunity to improve. However my progress soon plateaued when I got to the black runs. Standing there on a steep slope looking down, my natural tendency was to lean back […]

Are you feeling lucky?

Business woman throwing dice

Would you consider yourself lucky?  Would you like to be luckier than you feel you are?  Then read on. In his book, “The Luck Factor”, Richard Wiseman, Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, looks at the experimental evidence for some people being luckier than others and concludes that people make their own luck.  In one of his own experiments he gave participants a newspaper and asked them to count […]

You had more sweets – It’s not fair

Smarties in a sweet jar

I was aged five for the majority of 1966.  Many things happened in 1966: England beat Germany in the World Cup Final, Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali) defeated Henry Cooper in two title fights and Harold Wilson with the Labour party won the British General Election.  However none of that was significant to me as a five year old.  The following year when I was six, my enduring memory of 1966 was that I’d given […]