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How are you today?

businessman stretches out hand

A seemingly innocuous question you may think.  One we ask each other all the time, simply as part of a greeting.  But what is your response when people ask you?  Imagine in your head now, we’ve just met face-to-face, perhaps shook hands and I say “How are you today?”  What do you say? I’ve been noting people’s responses to this question recently and in my very un-scientific poll the vast majority of people respond with […]

What an awful day!

Sad woman looking through rainy window

Perhaps it’s a symptom of this time of year.  I’ve been hearing lots of people saying things like “It’s a grim day”, “What a grey day”, “It’s a sh%t&y day … again!”  You might think I’ve been talking to desperate people; people at the end of their luck, about to be put onto the streets, searching for their next meal.  But no, these are your everyday people – talking about the weather! They’re the kind of people that […]