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Hire externally or internally promote?

Hire externally or internally promote?

When trying to find someone to fill a vacant senior leadership or management position, which is best?  Should you hire in someone from outside the organisation who has a good track record performing a similar role elsewhere or should you promote someone internally, someone who knows the organisation well already.  Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer; both have pros and cons. Hiring in someone new from outside has the advantage that you can try and get someone […]

Do you look funny on a horse? It’s a leadership thing.

Household Cavalry soldier on horseback

“You can’t lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse” – John Peers – CEO Technology Inc. Self-reliant leaders recognise they are a complete and self-directed person and have the power and responsibility to choose between options and make decisions. Self-reliance is an important competence for a leader to have and for leadership, an important part of self-reliance is being comfortable inside with being a leader, accepting the responsibility of […]