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Five growing pains a company can avoid

businessman looking at growth curve

It appears here in the UK we’ve just avoided going into a triple dip recession.  Hopefully from here on we’ll see healthy growth.  I’m certainly beginning to hear of businesses that are beginning to thrive again which is great.  However when companies or departments grow in size, in terms of the number of people involved, it inevitably means change to the way people behave and identify with the organisation.  Some people thrive on the change, whilst others find […]

Quick Wins – The race is on, but how quick should you be?

Businessman and businesswoman lined up getting ready for race in business

You got the promotion – it’s day 1 in your new role – the race has begun! Many will seek to find some quick wins to be seen to be doing something, to gain credibility and as a show of strength.  Quick wins are good; however take those early steps with care. Research by the Corporate Executive Board (2009) showed that although quick wins were a good indicator of a successful new-to-role leader, there were […]