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Live on air – Just what is Emotional Intelligence?

photo of radio microphone - live on air

Earlier this week I appeared on the Knowing Your Business Show on the radio and I thought it would be interesting to share the answers I gave on the programme.  The show interviews business people live on air, every Thursday from 10am to 12pm. The questions asked by the presenters, Ian and Darren, were things like: What is Emotional Intelligence? Is [intellectual] intelligence not enough? Is it for everyone?  Is it for businesses? Why can’t […]

How quickly do you judge?

Judges Gavel

One of my past roles was head of a group of business consultants in a software business selling multi-million pound specialist software to the energy sector.  Building the team from scratch was not an easy task. Finding good consultants with the appropriate knowledge, experience and skills was challenging.  Our consultants were quite often amongst the first people to go into new companies, supporting the sales people.  They had to be seen as credible, knowledgeable, articulate, […]

You had more sweets – It’s not fair

Smarties in a sweet jar

I was aged five for the majority of 1966.  Many things happened in 1966: England beat Germany in the World Cup Final, Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali) defeated Henry Cooper in two title fights and Harold Wilson with the Labour party won the British General Election.  However none of that was significant to me as a five year old.  The following year when I was six, my enduring memory of 1966 was that I’d given […]

Who wants to play a game?

Family playing a board game together

One of my memories of years gone by was wondering if one of our presents for Christmas would be a new board game.  We ended up with lots of games: Monopoly, Cluedo (known as Clue in North America), Spy Ring, Go, to name but a few. I spent many hours playing them with my Mum and my brother. Looking back it was quite a learning experience: Monopoly was the first time I came across the […]

Does your business run like clockwork?

Skeleton watch with cogs visible

The other day I heard someone exclaiming that “your people are your business”, “take away the people and there is no business”.  In the past I would have immediately agreed with this; however now I’d take a different view.  No I’m not discounting the claim – it simply doesn’t go far enough. It’s not just the people; it’s the relationships.  Take the analogy of a clock or a watch; one powered by clockwork as opposed to the […]