"If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves."
- Thomas Edison

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What we do

what we do in Executive Coaching in Milton KeynesWe specialise in Performance and Transitional Coaching of individuals and teams.

One-to-one coaching of senior managers and executives to help them to:

  • take on new roles within their existing organisations
  • take on new roles within new organisations
  • lead the change they initiate
  • take full advantage of the change happening around them
  • resolve conflict
  • develop new areas of capability

Onboarding coaching (for externally recruited senior management) - a specific offering for supporting newly hired executives through the first three months of their new position – a key period in ensuring maximum value and return from the recruitment process.

Coaching for new internally appointed senior management) - similar to above; however it concentrates on the issues faced by internal appointees, such as managing former peers and relinquishing previous responsibilities.

Performance coaching to address weak areas in teams and individuals and also to enable star players to perform at their peak potential.

Kick-Start (revitalisation for teams) reconnects the team with the vision and strategy of the company; and identifies and reinforces the roles that the individuals and the team as a whole play within the organisation.

Star Potential (talent management to discover and nurture your Best people) provides a process to identify the behaviours of your Best people and to determine training and development requirements for people to enable them to excel.