"If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves."
- Thomas Edison

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Kick-Start - Revitalisation for teams

for developing teams use Team Executive Coaching in Milton KeynesThe Need

As we come out of recession all your teams need to be performing at their best to spot emerging opportunities and deliver great service.
The winners will be those companies that spot opportunities early and capitalise on them quickly.
The Challenges
Many teams have now faced months, if not years of cut-backs and being told to be cautious. They have developed a team mind-set of staying safe and not taking risks, doing the minimum required in order to keep costs down. Over time this embeds itself in the culture of the company as the norm. The company gets stuck in its safe zone, blinkered in its view of the future.
The original spirit of the company and sometimes even the reason for it being there is lost.
During recession this may be a valid form of survival; however as we come out of recession another mind-set is required otherwise new opportunities will be missed and the company will get left behind.
The Solution
Teams need to be re-acquainted with the strategy of the company. They need to understand their role in the team and the role that everyone else plays. They need to understand how their efforts contribute to achieving the strategy and what they need to consistently do on a day-to-day basis. They need permission to take risks once more in the knowledge of what the company is trying to achieve.
Kick-Start is a one-day group workshop that takes each member of the team through examining the strategy, refining and communicating their role within the team, building a team purpose and creating a plan for pro-active behaviour to drive forward and meet the goals of the team.
The result is a revitalised, more positive and dynamic team, ready to spot new opportunities and quickly capitalise on them.